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What are
Prefab Homes?

Prefab, or prefabricated homes, are built in sections at a factory and then transported to a home site where they are assembled on a permanent foundation. This method allows for quicker construction times, enhanced quality control, and less waste compared to traditional on-site building.  


As a leader in modular living, American Living offers a range of prefab home designs that can be customized, making each home unique and perfectly suited to your lifestyle. 

Prefabricated home with a modern look

Why Choose Prefab Homes? 

As Michigan’s experienced modular home builder, American Living leverages the benefits of prefabrication to provide you with a home that’s affordable, efficient, and tailored to your unique lifestyle. The advantages of choosing this homebuilding method include: 


  • Faster Construction: Prefab homes are assembled more quickly than traditional homes, getting you into your new home faster.  

  • Eco-Friendly: With reduced waste and more efficient material usage, manufactured homes are a green choice for the environmentally conscious.  

  • Cost-Effective: Thanks to the efficiency of the manufacturing process, prefabricated homes often come at a lower cost than their traditionally built counterparts.  

  • Quality Control: Constructed in a controlled environment, modular homes benefit from stringent quality oversight, ensuring a high standard of craftsmanship.

  • Customizable: Prefab homes offer a range of customization options to meet diverse tastes and needs.  

Ready to talk about building your dream home? 

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