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The 3 M's:
and Mobile

Modular, Manufactured, Mobile

"Regarding the M's – modular, manufactured, and mobile – what are the differences? They are all constructed within a factory. When it comes to mobile homes or manufactured homes, they adhere to the HUD code, which stands for Housing and Urban Development. This code is a national standard originally designed for homes placed in manufactured home communities or mobile home parks. Although some people place them on land, the HUD code was established for that specific type of placement.


On the other hand, modular homes are built to Michigan's residential code, the same code followed by all residential builders in Michigan. It adheres to the International Building Code of 2015, encompassing different standards. All our homes, regardless of type, are placed on permanent foundations with footings 42 inches below grade. This ensures compliance with various energy code requirements, similar to traditionally built homes, whether they are site built, panelized, SIPs, post-frame, or modular.

The modular homes we build at American Living adhere to a higher standard as compared to mobile or manufactured homes. Mobile homes, for instance, are placed on a slab in a community, created for a different environment. Our modular homes meet the elevated building standards due to the different placement and reasons behind their construction.


As mentioned earlier, our adherence to building standards mirrors that of stick-built or traditionally constructed homes. Our company, licensed as a residential builder, follows the same guidelines as any other builder in the state. American Living has been building modular homes in Michigan for nearly 50 years, with over 30 years of personal experience in the industry."

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